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Course Description

This course will examine the theory and practice of Yoga, in historical and cultural
context, from its origins in India to contemporary America. The philosophy of
classical Yoga will be introduced, in comparison with other systems of Indian
philosophy, and with other systems of Yoga, including Hatha Yoga and Integral
Yoga. The practice of Yoga will be compared with other techniques of meditation,
such as Buddhist and Jain meditation, Qi Gong, and the practices of Tantra,
alchemy, and shamanism. The course will include guest speakers and field trips.


Previously Offered:

Autumn 2000, Autumn 2002


Next Offered:

Autumn 2004


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Notes and Links

(This page is under development; suggestions are welcome. Please contact Jerome Bauer)

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Yoga Centers USA

Yoga Centers Missouri

Yoga Centers Illinois

Yoga: Cakras Index 

Shiva Shakti Mandalam: Tantrik Home Page

Vedanta Society of St Louis

Vedanta Center Links

Sanskrit Manuscripts Online

Vedic, Ayurvedic, and Astrological Associations in North America

Yoga Courses at Washington University

Ayurveda Courses at Washington University

Tantra Courses at Washington University


Course Web Page, Including Syllabus (TBA)



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[Ajivikas (Indian Fatalists) 4]

[Alchemical Yoga 1]

[Alchemy (Chinese) 1]

[Alchemy (Hermetic) 2]

[Alchemy (Hindu) 1]

[Altered States of Consciousness 2]

[Ayurvedic Medicine 2]

[Ayurvedic Nutrition 2]

[Bhagavad Gita 2]

[Bhakti 4>>]

[Burley, Mikel 1>>]

[Canons and Orthodoxies 7]

[Caste, Class, and Aristocracy (in India) 9]

[Charisma (Types of) 2]

[Charisma (Routinization of) 2]

[Charismatic Healing 2]

[Charismatic Religious Authority 2]

[Clairvoyance 3]

[Classic Religious Texts 1]

[Comparative Philosophical Ethics 9>>]

[Comparative Philosophy 2]

[Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) 2]

[Conceptual Foundations of Science 2]

[Consciousness 2]

[Consciousness, History of 2]

[Creation Myths 4]

[Devotionalism 4]

[Dividualism and Individualism 3]

[Dream Interpretation 1] ]

[Eliade, Mircea 1]

[Elites and Elitisms 8]

[Enstasy and Ecstasy 2>>]

[Epistemology 2]

[Ethics and Values >>]

[Ethnobiology 3]

[Ethnobotany 3]

[Ethnosociology 5]

[Evil and Suffering 7]

[Evolution (Spiritual) 1]

[Exorcism (in America and India) 6]

[Extrasensory Perception (ESP) 3]

[Fields, Gregory P. 2>>]

[Funeral Rites 4>>]

[Gandhi, Mohandas K. ("Mahatma") 2]

[Gender and Sexuality 2]

[Hallucinogenic Drugs (Religious Use of) 2]

[Hatha Yoga 1]

[Hindu Nationalism 4>>]

[History of Ideas 6]

[History of Religion 2]

[History of Science and Medicine 1]

[Holistic Healing 2]

[Humor and Religion 5]

[Humoral Medicine 2] ]

[Incarnations 6]

[India and Europe 2]

[Indian Food 2]

[Indian Philosophy 2]

[Integral Yoga 1]

[Internationsl Studies 1]

[Jaina Philosophy 2]

[Jung, C. G. 1]

[Jungian Psychology 1]

[Karma and Gender 4]

[Karma and Rebirth 6]

[Karma and Sexuality 2]

[Kundakunda 2>>]

[Larson, Gerald James 1]

[Laughter and Religious Therapeutics 2] ]

[Meditation Traditions 1]

[Men and Religion 3]

[Merit Transfer 6]

[Metempsychosis 4]

[Mimamsa Philosophy 3]

[Monks, Monasticism, and Monachism 2]

[Mormonism 2]

[Multiculturalism and Religion 8]

[Mysticism (Types of) 3]

[Nagarjuna 2]

[Near Death Experience (NDE) 3]

[Neo-Vedanta 2]

[New Age Spirituality 5]

[New Age Stereotypes 6]

[New Religious Movements (NRMs) 6]

[Nutrition and Religion 2]

[Nyaya-Vaisesika Philosophy 2]

[Old Souls 3]

[Omniscience (in Folklore and Philosophy) 6]

[Ontology 2]

[Orgies (Religious Significance of) 2]

[Orthodoxies and Heterodoxies 9]

[Out of Body Experiece (OBE) 3]

[Pain 3]

[Particularism 2]

[Patanjali's Yoga Sutras 1>>]

[Personhood 5]

[Poetic Theory (Indian) 4]

[Politics and Religion 4>>]

[Predestination 6>>]

[Preexistence of Souls 3]

[Psychoactive Drugs 3]]

[Qi Gong (Chinese Energy Manipulation) 2]

[Radhasoami and Sant Mat 3]

[Ramakrishna Mission 3>>]

[Rasas (Savors, Essences, Organic Juices) 4]

[Rasasastra 1]

[Rasa Theory of Aesthetics 5>>]

[Religious Nationalism 4>>]

[Religious Therapeutics 2]

[Renouncers and Renunciation 4]

[Resurrection Myths 4]

[Rock Music 3]

[Sacraments (Hindu) 3]

[Samkhya-Yoga Philosophy 1]

[Science and Religion 6]

[Sexual Sublimation and Self-Control 1]

[Shamanism 2]

[Shankara 4]

[Siddhis (Paranormal Powers) 1]

[Sikhism 6>>]

[Soma 5]

[Sorcery 3]

[Soul (Ideas About) 3]

[Spiritualism 4]

[Supernatural Miracles 5]

[Tatia, Nathmal 1>>]

[Telepathy 3]

[Theodicy and Cosmodicy (the Problem of Evil) 4]

[Tibetan Book of the Dead 3]

[Transmigration 3]

[Two Truths (Ultimate and Conventional) in Indian Philosophy 3] ]

[Universalism 7>>]

[University of Utopia 1]

[Utopian Communities 1]

[Utopian Social Action 2]

[Upanishads 3]

[Utopian Traditions 4]

[Vailankanni, Our Lady of Health (Indian Virgin Mary) 1]

[Vedanta Philosophy 2]

[Vedic Religion 4]

[Vegetarianism 9]

[Video and DVD 4]

[Violence Against Women 6]

[Vision Quests 2]

[Vivekananda, Swami 3>>]

[Walk-Ins (Soul Transfers, Soul Exchanges) 3]

[Whicher, Ian 1>>]

[White, David Gordon 1]

[Women and Religion 5]

[Work Ethics 5]

[Yoga Traditions 1]

[Zimmermann, Francis 2>>]


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