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Indian Philosophy

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Course Description

An introduction to the most ancient Indian religious literature, the Vedas, and its
most recent stratrum:the Vedanta of the Upanishads, and the philosophical
tradition of Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhva,Vivekananda and others. Vedanta
philosophy will be introduced in relation to the other systems of Indian philosophy.


In addition to the above, the course covers the philosophical problem of two
truths in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain philosophy; Hindu-Christian comparative
theology; tolerance and inclusivism according to Paul Hacker, Wilhelm Halbfass,
and others; Western appropriations of Tantra and Vedanta, including the
controversy over Jeffrey Kripal's Kali's Child; the problem of evil and Indian
thought, and Indian poetics and aesthetic philosophy.


Previously Offered:

Autumn 2001


Next Offered:

Autumn 2003


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Time and Place

ReSt 3394 Topics in South Asian Religions: Veda and Vedanta
-T-T--- 10:00 AM -11:30 AM [
Eads 216]

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Notes and Links

(This page is under development; suggestions are welcome! Send comments to Jerome Bauer)

(Note: Neither I nor anyone else at Washington University necessarily endorses the views
expressed in these websites)



Vedanta Society of St Louis

Vedanta Center Links

Hindu Temple of St Louis

Missouri Sathya Sai Baba Centers (including St Louis and Clayton)

Sanskrit Manuscripts Online

Society for Hindu-Christian Studies

Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy (SACP)

Hinduism Today Om Clip Art

Vedic, Ayurvedic, and Astrological Associations in North America


Hinduphilia, Hinduphobia, and Blasphemy and Defamation Issues

Rajiv Malhotra Article: "RISA Lila 1: Wendy's Child Syndrome"
[on alleged Hindu-bashing by American academics, especially those in the
American Academy of Religion's "Religion in South Asia" (RISA) Section,
most particulary Professor
Wendy Doniger, and her students, including
Jeffrey Kripal and Sarah Caldwell]

Jeffrey Kripal's Response to Rajiv Malhotra's Article, "RISA Lila 1: Wendy's Child Sydrome"

Response to Jeffrey Kripal's Response to Rajiv Malhotra's Article

Wendy Doniger's Faculty Profile (University of Chicago)

Jeffrey Kripal's Home Page (Rice University)

Sarah Caldwell's Faculty Profile (California State University, Chico)

The Stranger's Religion: Fascination and Fear (Hinduphilia and Hinduphobia in American Culture)

Swami Tyagananda's Critique of Jeffrey Kripal's Controversial Book, Kali's Child

Jeffrey Kripal's Response to Swami Tyagananda's Critique (now offline)

Reflections on Hindu Studies vis-a-vis Hindu Practice (Swami Tyagananda)

Public Feedback on Kali's Child

Sword of Truth review of Kali's Child

Sword of Truth protest letters for Kali's Child

Defamation/Anti-Defamation: Who Speaks for Hinduism?



South Asian Journals

Philosophy East and West
B1 P573 Olin Level B Stacks

Journal of Indian Philosophy (Online)
Olin Library Subscription



Course Web Page, Including Syllabus (TBA)



Threaded Keywords

(Folllow these keywords to other courses taught by me (or Prof. Timalsina),
numerically ranked by relevance. The end of each thread is indicated by
an arrow; this will lead you back to the "
MIscellaneous Teaching Interests"
page, or to another faculty member's website, or to a topical website.
Students are encouraged to write papers or give presentations on these topics).

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[Abhinavagupta 1]

[Aesthetic Theory (Indian) 1]

[Ajivikas (Indian Fatalists) 3]

[Anekantavada (Jaina Doctrine of Manifold Aspects) 1]

[Authenticity 2]

[Bafflement, Suffering, and Ethical Paradox (the Problem of Meaning) 4]

[Bhagavad Gita 3]

[Brahmo Samaj 2>>]

[Buddhist Philosophy 1]

[Canons and Orthodoxies 8]

[Caste, Class, and Aristocracy (in India) 10]

[Clairvoyance 4]

[Classic Religious Texts 2]

[Clooney, Francis X. 1>>]

[Comparative Philosophical Ethics 8]

[Comparative Philosophy 1]

[Comparative Theology 1>>]

[Consciousness 1]

[Consciousness, History of 1]

[Creation Myths 3]

[Deconstructionism 2]

[Devotionalism 5]

[Dohada (Pregnancy Craving Motif) 3]

[Doniger, Wendy 6>>]

[Doxology 1>>]

[Drama (Sanskrit) 3>>]

[Dream Interpretation 4]

[Ecumenical Dialogue 1]

[Elites and Elitisms 7]

[Epistemology 1]

[Essentialism and Anti-Essentialism 1]

[Ethics and Values 3]

[Ethnobiology 2]

[Ethnobotany 2]

[Ethnosociology 6]

[Evil and Suffering 3]

[Evolution (Spiritual) 2]

[Extrasensory Perception (ESP) 4]

[Fundamentalist Stereotypes 2]

[Gandhi, Mohandas K. ("Mahatma") 3]

[Gender and Sexuality 1]

[Hacker, Paul 1]

[Halbfass, Wilhelm 1]

[Hallucinogenic Drugs (Religious Use of) 4]

[Hindu-Christian Dialogue 1]

[Hindu Reformations 2]

[Hindu Renaissance 2]

[History of Ideas 7]

[History of Religion 3]

[Hoaxing 3>>]

[Incarnations 5]

[Inclusivism and Tolerance 1]

[India and Europe 1]

[Indian Philosophy 1]

[International Studies 2>>]

[Jaina Philosophy 1]

[Jaini, Padmanabh S. 3]

[Jung, C. G. 5]

[Karma and Gender 3]

[Karma and Rebirth 7]

[Karma and Sexuality 1]

[King, Richard 1]

[Kripal, Jeffrey 1>>]

[Kundakunda 1]

[Larson, Gerald James 3>>]

[Linguistic Models for the Study of Religion 2]

[Lipner, Julius 3>>]

[Logic 1>>]

[Meditation Traditions 2]

[Men and Religion 2]

[Merit Transfer 7]

[Metempsychosis 5]

[Mimamsa Philosophy 1]

[Monks, Monasticism, and Monachism 3]

[Multiculturalism and Religion 5]

[Multidimensional and Anti-Reductionistic Theories of Religion 2>>]

[Mysticism (Types of) 2]

[Nagarjuna 1]

[Natyasastra (Sanskrit Poetic Treatise) 2]

[Near Death Experience (NDE) 4]

[Neo-Vedanta 1]

[New Age Spirituality 6]

[New Age Stereotypes 7]

[New England Transcendentalism 2]

[Nyaya-Vaisesika Philosophy 1]

[Old Souls 4]

[Olivelle, Patrick 1>>]

[Omniscience (in Folklore and Philosophy) 7]

[Ontology 1]

[Orientalism and Anti-Orientalism 3]

[Orientalism and Religion 2>>]

[Orthodoxies and Heterodoxies 10]

[Otto, Rudolf 4>>]

[Panikkar, Raimundo 2>>]

[Parliament of World Religions (Chicago, 1893, 1993) 1]

[Particularism 1]

[Personhood 6]

[Poetic Theory (Indian) 2]

[Political Correctnesses 5]

[Postcolonialism 2]

[Predestination 5]

[Preexistence of Souls 4]

[Psychoactive Drugs 2]

[Ramakrishna Mission 1]

[Rasas (Savors, Essences, Organic Juices) 5]

[Rasa Theory of Aesthetics 4]

[Reichenbach, Bruce 2]

[Reification 2>>]

[Renouncers and Renunciation 5]

[Romanticism 3>>]

[Roy, Ram Mohan 2]

[Sacraments (Hindu) 4]

[Sacrifice 3]

[Samkhya-Yoga Philosophy 4]

[Satyagraha 2]

[Science and Religion 5]

[Sexual Sublimation and Self-Control 3>>]

[Shankara 1]

[Siddhis (Paranormal Powers) 3]

[Soma 3]

[Soul (Ideas About) 2]

[Spiritualism 3]

[Supernatural Miracles 4]

[Telepathy 4]

[Theodicy and Cosmodicy (the Problem of Evil) 2]

[Tibetan Book of the Dead 4]

[Transmigration 2]

[Two Truths (Ultimate and Conventional) in Indian Philosophy 1]

[Universalism 1]

[Upanishads 1]

[Utopian Social Action 3]

[Vedanta Philosophy 1]

[Vedic Religion 1]

[Vegetarianism 10>>]

[Violence Against Women 8]

[Vivekananda, Swami 1]

[Walk-Ins (Soul Transfers, Soul Exchanges) 4]

[Women and Religion 7]

[Work Ethics 7]

[Xenology 2]

[Yoga Traditions 8]


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