URGENT: Support Job Security for College Teachers
call me old-fashioned

thank you, student life and supporters, please stay the course

PLEASE continue writing letters and emailing on my behalf, and ESPECIALLY on behalf of Lecturer's Policy reform. We have not yet won (please see Support).


I thank all my student and alumni supporters, and Student Life, Washington University's student newspaper, for the editorial, Put teaching before research, 1/22/07, which strongly supports my continued employment here. Thanks to Student Life also for its earlier editorial supporting Lecturer's Policy reform, (Lecture positions valuable to students, 9/29/06), and for making education reform a top priority in Autumn 2006 and Spring 2007. I thank Student Union for taking up these issues.

I was asked to stay here, "get another job," "be creative and cook up something," while a job search to replace me proceeds. This has always been represented (to me, if not to others) as just that: a job search to replace me, a position to which I need not apply, after eight years of loyal service. This botched search must end, unless my Lecturer's contract is renewed immediately. Please attend the job talks in South Asian religion, and be polite. However, since the speakers have crossed a virtual picket line, it is appropriate to make polite inquiries about the candidates' positions on labor issues, especially Lecturer's Policy reform. It is also most certainly appropriate to inquire about how the candidate would work with me, as a good colleague.

I am very happy to learn that students across the ideological spectrum have taken leadership roles in the campaign to save my job, and to reform the ambiguous and flawed Lecturer's Policy. Students here are not apathetic about injustice.

My students call me "Professor Bauer," with respect. Had I done as asked, taken a staff job to pay health insurance, moved some of my best courses to the University College and Summer School, and moonlighted at local colleges in walking distance, while others took over some of my best courses, I would still be "Professor Bauer" to my students, who do not usually ask about pay grades, promotion and hiring, and other labor issues. I am very glad students are now taking an interest in these issues. If we succeed, I will be "Lecturer Bauer," and nobody will thnk this is second rate.

Please support a three year limit on "temporary" positions, a tenure option and sabbatical for Lecturers, and a clear, legally binding definition of "service courses" which may be assigned to other faculty by Program Chairs, and "signature courses," which may not. We should be free to teach our own courses at other local colleges, or podcast from our living room, if we please. Please let's respect each others' labor.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Lecturer Dr. Jerome Bauer