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Sophia: The Religious Studies Discussion Club was founded in Autumn of 2002,
by Washington University students and faculty of Religious Studies. Sophia is now a self-constituted
social club funded by Student Union. Sophia is independent of the Religious Studies Program,
although its projects have received funding and publicity from the Program,
and support from individual faculty members.

The views expressed by members of Sophia are their own,
not necessarily representative of Washington University or its students of Religious Studies. 

The Sophia Club has an open membership policy,
and is open to minority and non-traditional viewpoints.

In the 2002-2003 academic year, the Atma Hindu Students Group partnered with Sophia,
cosponsoring many activities, and contributing generous financial and moral support,
and labor, to Sophia events. The Sophia club was invited to the ATMA Diwali dinner,
and the ASHOKA Indian Students Group reserved a block of tickets for its Diwali
cultural performance. The first general body meeting of Sophia was cosponsored by the
Jewish Student Union. In 2002-2003 many events promoting religious dialogue
were publicized by means of the Sophia email list.



Founding Members: Chesney Fowler, Faith Rowold, Jerome Bauer
Active Members in Autumn 2002: Chesney Fowler, Faith Rowold, Jamie Thomas, Jerome Bauer
Active Members in Spring 2003: Jim Prell (Acting President), Kent Weyland,
Emily Bloemker, Arun Padmanabhan, Jerome Bauer
Religion in Medicine Organizing Committee (RIMOC), Spring 2003:
Jerome Bauer (Co-Chair), Arun Padmanabhan (Co-Chair), Jim Prell, Kent Weyland, Emily Bloemker.



(Autumn 2003 Version)

Sophia is a student organization, which aims to foster a community of people (students and professors)
who are interested in religious studies. Named after the Greek word for "wisdom,"
Sophia is especially interested in relationships between religion, spirituality, and other fields
(including medicine, ethics, government, and international relations.)
Sophia also works with the Religious Studies Program to provide suggestions
for course formation and development.

For more information please contact Sophia President, Chesney Fowler, at chesneyfowler@hotmail.com.

Sophia Exec Board (2003-2004): Chesney Fowler, Faith Rowold, Kent Weyland, Aileen McGill, Al Dault


[Of potential related interest: Religion in Medicine Organizing Group;
Religious Therapeutics Cooperative Network]




General Body Meeting and Elections,

Sunday 3/21, 5:30-6:30,

Ursa's Fireside Lounge


In Spring 2004 Sophia has bi-weekly discussion meetings,

for students only, at the Kayak's Coffee House,

(corner of Skinker and Forest Park Parkway,

parking behind the building).


One Suggested General Theme: "Religion: Why Bother?"








Muslim-Jewish Student Dialogue

Family Feud:

Children of Abraham:

Muslims vs. Jews?

Tuesday, 11/11, 8pm

Ursa's Fireside Lounge






"What is god/God/goddess?"

Monday, October 20, 2003

Ursa's Fireside Lounge

8-9 pm

Cosponsored by Silver Crescent Campus Pagans


Join Sophia & Campus Pagans as we discuss various definitions of God/god(s)/goddess(es)
and how those definitions shape our worldviews.

Catholic, animist, & atheist positions will be
represented, as well as anything you want to share with us!

A discussion panel followed by Q & A.  




Religion in Medicine

Washington University, March 24-25 2003


 Red Cedar Circle, SiSíWiss Medicine Way (Copyright 2003)




Professor Signe Cohen, University of Missouri, Columbia, spoke on

"Romancing the Robot and Other Tales of Mechanical Beings in Sanskrit Literature,"

Friday, March 14, 2-3:30pm, Duncker 101  

(Cosponsored with Religious Studies and ATMA)


Rabbi Hyim Shafner of WashU Hillel spoke on "The Bene Israel of India"

First General Body Meeting, Monday, October 21, 2002

(Cosponsored with Jewish Student Union, Asian Multicultural Council,

Religious Studies, and ATMA)


Professor Gregory Fields, SIU-Edwardsville, spoke on,

"Hindu Religious Therapeutics and Sacred Sound," Thursday, October 31, 2002

Sophia Pot Luck Dinner with Professor Fields

(Cosponsored with Religious Studies and ATMA)


Professor Ludo Rocher, University of Pennsylvania, spoke on,

"Karma and Cyclical Time," Tuesday, October 22, 2002

(Cosponsored with Religious Studies and ATMA)



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[Silver Crescent Campus Pagans] [Muslim-Jewish Student Dialogue] [Campus Crusade for Christ]
[Catholic Student Center] [Lutheran Campus Ministry] [Asian Christian Fellowship]
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