Media Scrapbook

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Sudents petition to support English lecturer (Student Life, 4/26/06)

Students Protest Removal of Lecturer's Job, (Student Life, 9/27/06)

Climbing the Academic Ladder (Student Life, 9/27/06)

Lecture Positions Valuable to Students (Student Life, 9/29/06)

SWA a necessary presence on campus (Student Life, 10/11/06)

Anti-Harassment Policies May Be Abused

The Importance of Teaching (Student Life, 10/30/06)

Special majors offer new twist on curriculum (Student Life, 11/6/06)

Teach me, please! (Student Life, 11/10/06)

A 'major' mid-college crisis (Student Life, 12/6/06)

University works to promote South Asian Studies program, hires new profs (Student Life, 12/8/06)

Put teaching before research, (Student Life,1/22/0)