To whom this may concern;
On behalf of Professor Jerome Bauer, lecturer in Religious 
Studies at Washington University in St. Louis:
The members of the Student Worker Alliance urge you to 
reconsider the termination of Professor Bauer's University 
lecturing position. We believe that removing Professor Bauer 
constitutes a real loss to students and the University. Professor 
Bauer not only enriches the University with his knowledge as a 
professor in the Religious Studies Department, but also cares 
for every student in his courses. Individual members of the 
organization have interacted with Professor Bauer in varied 
ettings: lecturer, Coop advisor, faculty advisor for student 
organizations, mentor, and community member, Professor Bauer 
never ceases to give of his time and efforts to further student 
The University's Mission Statement affirms a commitment to 
"prepare students with the attitudes, skills, and habits of lifelong 
learning and with leadership skills, enabling them to be useful 
members of global society." Professor Bauer time and time 
again fulfils this goal as professor and community member. 
Washington University administration acknowledged that 
Student Worker Alliance members taking part in the April 2004 
sit-in would not face repercussions due to their personal 
involvement. This promise of amnesty, we insist, must also 
apply to all professors tacitly or implicitly involved in the sit-in. 
Professor Bauer's specific participation in this student 
movement confirms his commitment to the University goal of 
fostering students capable of ameliorating the global community. 
He held no responsibility in the decision making or actions of 
students involved, yet his support encouraged Student Worker 
Alliance members to continue their efforts to improve the lives 
of campus workers and the overall campus environment. In no 
way does Professor Bauer's association with the sit-in 
demonstrate attempts to harm the Washington University 
community, but rather reaffirms his conviction as professor and 
socially-aware community member to preserve student 
endeavors to resolve community dilemmas.  
As students and friends of Professor Bauer, we the members 
of the Student Worker Alliance thank the administration for 
acknowledging this letter. We hope that the University will 
continue dialogue and negotiations with Professor Bauer to 
ensure his future as a Washington University faculty member.