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Course Description

This course examines the related concepts of karma (action and its
consequences), and rebirth (the transmigration of souls, or metempsychosis),
in the religious traditions of Indian origin, including Hinduism, Buddhism,
Jainism, and Sikhism. The course also examines concepts of karma and
rebirth in East Asian religions and in Euro-American new religions, and
concepts of metempsychosis in ancient Greece, early Christianity, and
other religious traditions. Special topics include karma and medical ethics
(abortion, euthanasia, suicide, cloning, organ donation); karma and the
popular culture (cinema and television, science fiction and fantasy).


Student Karma and Rebirth Websites:

Andrew Elden's Karma and Rebirth Information Website
Archna Eniasivam's Karma and Rebirth Website
Felipe Bohnet-Gomez's Karma and Rebirth Website
Richard Hillesheim's Karma and Rebirth Website


Previously Offered:

Spring 2000, Spring 2002


Next Offered:

Spring 2004


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Notes and Links

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Bibliographic Resources:

Folklore and Folklife Bibliographic Resources

VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever
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Washington University Library has: 1993, 1995, 1999.
Note: I have the 2002 edition in my office, Prince 210; you are welcome to use it!

DesiCompany: Indian Video and DVD online rentals

The Gods Have Landed: New Religions From Other Worlds
Lewis, James R., ed. 1995. Albany: SUNY Press. ISBN 0-7914-2330-1 (pb : alk paper)
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From Angels to Aliens: Teenagers, the Media, and the Supernatural
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[Ordered for the Washington University Library]



Download Software to Uncover Past Lives

Karma Removal Astrology

Vedic, Ayurvedic, and Astrological Associations in North America

Sanskrit Manuscripts Online


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Threaded Keywords

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numerically ranked by relevance. The end of each thread is indicated by
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MIscellaneous Teaching Interests"
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Students are encouraged to write papers or give presentations on these topics).

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[Abduction Mythology 3]

[Abortion and Miscarriage in Folklore 1]

[Ahimsa 4]

[Ajivikas (Indian Fatalists) 1]

[Alchemy (Hermetic) 3]

[American Civilization 4]

[American Nature Religion 2]

[American Popular Culture 2]

[Animal Fables 2]

[Anthroposophy 3>>]

[Ascaryas (Shvetambara Jaina Anomalies) 3]

[Astral Projection 2]

[Astrology 1]

[Atlantis Myths 3>>]

[Avatars 4>>]

[Babb, Lawrence 2]

[Bafflement, Suffering, and Ethical Paradox (the Problem of Meaning) 3]

[Balagrahas (Child-Seizing Demons / Demigods) 2]

[Birth, Folklore of 4]

[Birth Rituals 2]
Blavatsky, Helena Petrovna 1]

[Boddhisattvas 1]

[Buddha (Life and Stories of) 2]

[Buddhist Philosophy 2]

[Business Ethics 3]

[Calvinism 3>>]

[Canons and Orthodoxies 10]

[Caste, Class, and Aristocracy (in India) 4]

[Changeling Folklore 2]

[Clairvoyance 2]

[Cloning (in Medicine and Folkore) 1]

[Comic Books 3]

[Comparative Folk Embryology 1]

[Comparative Medical Ethics 1]

[Comparative Methodology >>]

[Comparative Philosophical Ethics 1]

[Comparative Philosophy 3]

[Curses and Boons 3]

[Cyborgs (in Medicine and Folklore) 2>>]

[Daniel, E. Valentine 1>>]

[Deathbed Conversion Stories 1]

[Demography and Religion 4>>]

[Demonic Possession 1]

[Devotionalism 7]

[Dharmasastra 2>>]

[Dick, Philip K. 1]

[Dividualism and Individualism 2]

[Dohada (Pregnancy Craving Motif) 1]

[Doniger, Wendy 2]

[Doppelgangers 2>>]

[Dream Interpretation 2]

[Dwarves 3>>]

[Earthsea 3>>]

[Ecumenical Dialogue 6>>]

[Elves 3>>]

[Environmentalism and Religion 3]

[Ethnosociology 3]

[Evil and Suffering 1]

[Evil Twin Motif 1]

[Evolution (Spiritual) 5]

[Exorcism (in America and India) 2]

[Extrasensory Perception (ESP) 1]

[Farmer, Philip Jose 1>>]

[Fate and Fatalism 1>>]

[Fetal Agency and Fetal Superpowers 1>>]

[Fetal Divinization / Demonization 1]

[Fetal Omniscience (in Folklore and Doctrine) 1]

[Fetolatry 1]

[Female Infanticide 3>>]

[Fluidarity and Solidarity (Social) 2]

[Folk Literature 2]

[Food Prohibitions 3]

[Frankenstein 3>>]

[Funeral Rites 1]

[Gender and Sexuality 5]

[Gender Roles in Mythology 4>>]

[Ghosts (in America) 2>>]

[Ghosts (in India) 1]

[Ghost Stories 1]

[Gnosticism 1]

[Gosala, Makkhali 1]

[Golems 2>>]

[Halbfass, Wilhelm 2>>]

[Hallucinogenic Drugs (Religious Use of) 6]

[Heavens and Hells 1]

[Heterocosmology 4>>]

[Hindu Law 4>>]

[Hindu Mythology 5>>]

[History of Ideas 4]

[History of Religion 8]

[Hobbits 3]

[Horror Fiction 2]

[Humor and Religion 2]

[Hypnogogic Experience 3>>]

[Illustrious Persons (in Jaina Mythology) 4]

[Incarnations 8]

[Indian Food 5]

[Indian Philosophy 5>>]

[Infant / Embryo Exchange Motifs in Folklore 3]

[Internet (Religion on) 3]

[Jaina Mythology 4]

[Jaina Philosophy 3]

[Jaini, Padmanabh S. 2]

[Jataka Tales (Stories of the Buddha's Previous Births) 1]

[Japanese Buddhism 1]

[Jung, C. G. 2]

[Kalpa Sutra (Jaina Text) 3]

[Karma and Gender 1]

[Karma and Rebirth 1]

[Karma and Sexuality 4]

[Karmically Linked Soulmates 1]

[Katha (Indian Story Literature) 3]

[Krishna Mythology (Hindu) 5>>]

[LaFleur, William 1>>]

[Larson, Gerald James 2]

[Lipner, Julius 2]

[Literature and Religion 3]

[London, Jack 1>>]

[Mahavira 5]

[Marriott, McKim 3]

[Martyrdom, Euthanasia, and Suicide 1]

[Marvelous Birth Stories 3]

[Maternal-Fetal Bonding (Construction and Deconstruction of) 1]

[Medical Anthropology 3]

[Meditation Traditions 5]

[Merit Transfer 1]

[Metempsychosis 1]

[Middle-Earth 3>>]

[Mimamsa Philosophy 2]

[Miracles, Anomalies, and Religious Authority 3]

[Miracles, Marvels, and Magic 3]

[Monsters 3]

[Multiculturalism and Religion 9]

[Multiverse and Universe 3]

[Mutants (in Medicine and Folklore) 2]

[Mystery Fiction 3>>]

[Myths, Models, and Paradigms 4]


[Naipaul, V. S.]

[Narayan, R. K.]

[Natalism and Pregnancy Lore 2]

[Native American Religion 2]

[Nativity Stories 3]

[Near Death Experience (NDE) 1]

[Neo-Gnosticism 3>>]

[Neo-Paganism 3]

[Neo-Vedanta 5>>]

[New Age Spirituality 3]

[New Age Stereotypes 4]

[New Religious Movements (NRMs) 5]

[Nudity (Ascetic, Hedonistic, and Ritual) 3]

[Nyaya-Vaisesika Philosophy 3]

[Obeyesekere, Gananath 1>>]

[Old Souls 1]

[Omniscience (in Folklore and Philosophy) 1]

[Ontology 3]

[Oral History 2]

[Organ Donation (in Medicine and Folklore) 1]

[Orthodoxies and Heterodoxies 4]

[Otherness and Sameness 5>>]

[Out of Body Experiece (OBE) 2]

[Pain 1]

[Pancatantra (Sanskrit Animal Fables) 1]

[Penance 3]

[Personhood 1]

[Political Correctnesses 6>>]

[Popular Culture Study (Science Fiction, Fantasy, TV, Cinema) 3]

[Popular Music 3]

[Predestination 3]

[Preexistence of Souls 1]

[Pregnancy Folklore 1]

[Pregnancy Loss 1]

[Psychoactive Drugs 9]

[Public Culture 6]

[Puranic Mythology (Hindu) 5>>]

[Puranic Mythology (Jaina) 4]

[Race and Racism (in America) 4]

[Radhasoami and Sant Mat 5]

[Rebirth Eschatologies 1]

[Reichenbach, Bruce 1]

[Religious Dimensions of Reproduction 1]

[Reproductive Rights and Responsibilities 1]

[Resurrection Myths 2]

[Rocher, Ludo 1]

[Rock Music 2]

[Robots 3]

[Sacraments (Catholic) 5>>]

[Sacraments (Hindu) 2]

[Sacred Cows 3>>]

[Samkhya-Yoga Philosophy 3]

[Science Fiction and Fantasy 3>>]

[Science and Religion 3]

[Sexual Identity in Religion and Literature 2]

[Shankara 3]

[Shinto 1>>]

[Siddhis (Paranormal Powers) 6]

[Sikhism 5]

[Silmarillion, The 3>>]

[Sin 1]

[Soul (Ideas About) 1]

[Soulmates 1]

[South Asian Folklore 2]

[Spiritualism 1]

[Split Child Motif 2]

[Stapledon, Olaf 3>>]

[Star Trek 3>>]

[Supernatural Miracles 3]

[Telepathy 2]

[Theodicy and Cosmodicy (the Problem of Evil) 1]

[Theosophical Society 1]

[Tibetan Book of the Dead 1]

[Tolkien, J. R. R. 3>>]

[Transmigration 1]

[Trisastisalalapurusacaritra (Jaina Mythological Text) 5>>]

[Two Truths (Ultimate and Conventional) in Indian Philosophy 2]

[UFO Cults 2]

[Universalism 5]

[Urban Legends ("Friend of Friend" Tales) 3]

[Upanishads 4>>]

[Vampires 2]

[Vedanta Philosophy 3]

[Vedic Religion 3]

[Vegetarianism 4]

[Video and DVD 2]

[Violence Against Women 7]

[Vows 3]

[Walk-Ins (Soul Transfers, Soul Exchanges) 1]

[Weberian and Anti-Weberian Social Thought 3]

[Women and Religion 4]

[Work Ethics 2]

[X-Files 2]

[Yakshas (Hindu/Jain/Buddhist Demigods) 4]

[Yoga Traditions 5]

[Zombies 2]

[Zoroastrianism 3]


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