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Course Description

An introduction to the basis of today's popular Hinduism: the mythology of the
Puranas and the Epics (Ramayana and Mahabharata). The classical Hindu stories
are compared to their Jain equivalents, and to their retellings in Indian popular
and folk culture, e.g. cinema, comic books, novels, dance, drama, art, etc. We
will also examine the problems of evil and undeserved suffering as treated in
Hindu and Jain mythology, and the uses of mythology in ritual culture and
temple worship.


Previously Offered:

Summer 2001


Next Offered:



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Notes and Links

[This page is under development; recommendations are welcome! Please contact Jerome Bauer]


 Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA)

Young Jains of America (YJA)

Glossary of Jain Words


Encyclopedia Britannica: Jainism

Jainism Simplified


Course Web Page (TBA)



Threaded Keywords

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numerically ranked by relevance. The end of each thread is indicated by
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[Abduction Mythology 4]

[Abortion and Miscarriage in Folklore 3]

[Ahimsa 2]

[Ajivikas (Indian Fatalists) 6]

[Animal Fables 1]

[Archaism (Literary) 2>>]

[Archaism (Linguistic) 2>>]

[Archaism (Religious) 2>>]

[Ardhamagadhi Language and Literature 1>>]

[Ascaryas (Shvetambara Jaina Anomalies) 4]

[Astral Projection 4]

[Avatars 3]

[Balagrahas (Child-Seizing Demons / Demigods) >>]

[Bhakti 3]

[Bharata Varsha 3>>]

[Birth-Bath in Jaina Mythology (Janmabhiseka) 3>>]

[Birth, Folklore of 3]

[Birth Rituals]

[Boundary Maintenance 3]

[Buck, William S. 3>>]

[Canons and Orthodoxies 11]

[Caste, Class, and Aristocracy (in India) 7]

[Caste Puranas (Origin Myths) 1]

[Changeling Folklore 5]

[Clairvoyance 6]

[Classic Religious Texts 6]

[Comic Books 5>>]

[Comparative Philosophical Ethics 3]

[Comparative Folk Embryology 2]

[Creation Myths 2]

[Curses and Boons 2]

[Deathbed Conversion Stories 3>>]

[Devotionalism 3]

[Dividualism and Individualism 4]

[Divine Kingship 3]

[Dohada (Pregnancy Craving Motif) 2]

[Doniger, Wendy 1]

[Drowned Lands 2]

[Epic Poetry 2]

[Ethnobiology 5]

[Ethnobotany 5]

[Ethnosociology 4]

[Evil and Suffering 5]

[Evil Twin Motif 3>>]

[Evolution (Spiritual) 9]

[Exorcism (in America and India) 7]

[Fetal Agency and Fetal Superpowers 3>>]

[Fetal Omniscience (in Folklore and Doctrine) 3]

[Fetolatry 3>>]

[Fluidarity and Solidarity (Social) 4>>]

[Folk Literature 4>>]

[Gender and Sexuality 6]

[Gender Roles in Mythology 2]

[Ghosts (in India) 3]

[Ghost Stories 4>>]

[Goddesses 3]

[Granoff, Phyllis 2>>]

[Heavens and Hells 3]

[Hemacandra 2]

[Heroic Quest 2]

[Heterocosmology 2]

[Hindu Goddesses 2]

[Hindu-Jain Dialogue 2]

[Hindu Mythology 1]

[History of Religion 10]

[Humor and Religion 7]

[Hypnogogic Experience 2]

[Illustrious Persons (in Jaina Mythology) 2]

[Incarnations 2]

[Infant / Embryo Exchange Motifs in Folklore 2]

[Itihasa (Sanskrit Legendary Literature) 2]

[Jaina Mythology 2]

[Jataka Tales (Stories of the Buddha's Previous Births) 4]

[Kalpa Sutra (Jaina Text) 1]

[Karma and Gender 5]

[Karma and Rebirth 5]

[Karmically Linked Soulmates 3]

[Katha (Indian Story Literature) 2]

[Kavya (Sanskrit Poetic Composition) 3>>]

[Kinsley, David 2>>]

[Krishna Mythology (Hindu) 1]

[Krishna Mythology (Jaina) 2]

[Limited Age of Miracles 3>>]

[Literature and Religion 4]

[Mahabharata 3>>]

[Mahavira 1]

[Marriott, McKim 6]

[Martyrdom, Euthanasia, and Suicide 3]

[Marvelous Birth Stories 5]

[Merchants 2]

[Merit Transfer 2]

[Metempsychosis 2]

[Miracles, Anomalies, and Religious Authority 4]

[Monsters 4]

[Multiverse and Universe 4>>]

[Myths, Models, and Paradigms 5]

[Narayan, R. K. 2>>]

[Natalism and Pregnancy Lore 4]

[Nativity Stories 2]

[Omniscience (in Folklore and Philosophy) 4]

[Other Peoples' Myths 3>>]

[Pancatantra (Sanskrit Animal Fables) 3>>]

[Personhood 2]

[Poetic Theory (Indian) 5>>]

[Preexistence of Souls 5]

[Pregnancy Folklore 4]

[Pregnancy Loss 4>>]

[Psychoactive Drugs 7]

[Puranic Mythology (Hindu) 1]

[Puranic Mythology (Jaina) 2]

[Race and Racism (in India) 3]

[Ramayana (Hindu) 3>>]

[Ramayana (Jaina) 2>>]

[Rasas (Savors, Essences, Organic Juices) 7]

[Rasa Theory of Aesthetics 3]

[Rebirth Eschatologies 3>>]

[Religious Dimensions of Reproduction 4]

[Renouncers and Renunciation 3]

[Robots 4>>]

[Sexual Identity in Religion and Literature 4>>]

[Shakuntala 3>>]

[Sin 4]

[Soma 4]

[Sorcery 4]

[Soulmates 5]

[South Asian Folklore 5]

[Split Child Motif 1]

[Spousal Abandonment Stories 2]

[Spousal Abuse 3]

[Supernatural Miracles 6]

[Telepathy 5]

[Temple Art and Architecutre 2]

[Theodicy and Cosmodicy (the Problem of Evil) 7]

[Transmigration 5]

[Trisastisalalapurusacaritra (Jaina Mythological Text) 2]

[Vampires 5>>]

[Vedic Religion 9]

[Vegetarianism 3]

[Walk-Ins (Soul Transfers, Soul Exchanges) 7]

[Women and Religion 8]

[X-Files 3]

[Yakshas (Hindu/Jain/Buddhist Demigods) 1]



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