Washington University in St Louis

Complete List of All My Classes

Faculty Associate, Liggett-Koenig House (Koenig 1), Washington University, 2003-2004

Guest Lecture, "Evolution in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jaina Traditions,"
Professor Frank Flinn's "Science and Religion," Autumn 2002

Guest Lecture, "Karma and Theodicy: The Problem of Evil and Indian Thought,"
Professor Richard Rubin's "Philosophy of Religion," Autumn 2002


University of Pennsylvania

°Developed and taught SARS 107, "India's Food and Civilization," Summer 1996 (Penn).

°Taught SARS 101/CGS 601, "The Legacy of India," Spring 1995 (Penn).

°Freelance Tutor, Sanskrit, Pali, and Ardhamagadhi Prakrit, Spring 1995-1999.

°Guest Lecturer, Professor Ludo Rocher's The Legacy of India, Spring 1993, Spring 1996, Spring 1997, Spring 1998, Spring 1999, Spring 2000; Professor Wilhelm Halbfass's Karma and Rebirth, Spring 1998, Spring 2000; Professor Rosane Rocher's Introductory Sanskrit, Spring 1993; Professor Ludo Rocher's Prakrit, Autumn 1993; Dr. Richard Cohen's Introduction to Jaina Literature, Autumn 1994 (Penn).

°Assisted with Professor Ludo Rocher's "The Legacy of India," Spring 1992, Spring 1996 (Penn).


University of California, Santa Barbara

°Assisted wtih Professor Gerald J. Larson's Introduction to Religious Studies: Religion and Revolution, Autumn 1983 (UCSB).

°Assisted with Professor Gerald J. Larson's introductory courses on early Buddhism and Yoga, Winter and Spring, 1984 (UCSB).

°Exam grader, Professor M. Gerald Bradford's courses "Psychology and Religion" and "Religion and Humanistic Psychology," Winter and Spring, 1983 (UCSB)