Publication Strike

In one of my sping 2005 courses, I posted the folowing
to Telesis, Washington University's online discussion forum.
I have said much the same thing in my semi-formal reports
to my colleagues, and has received (at least) tacit approval:

"I always ask my students to ask themselves the questions, "Why was this book written?" and "Why was this book published?" All too often, "scholarly" books are written to advance a career, in line with the demand "publish or perish." "Scholarly" books are published to make money, like any other sort of commodity. Often they are formulaic, written according to the demands of ideology, e.g. feminism or "post-structuralism," the current PC approaches. I am very fortunate not to be subject to any "publish or perish" rule, as a full time college teacher for the Religious Studies Program (with no other duties). College teaching is an honest job, at least."

I will neither publish (except at my own pace) nor perish.
I am a full time college teacher, by my own choice. My
students will always come first, by choice.My duties do
not include publication. Recent publications will not be
reported, and tmy CV will not be kept up to date. I will
publish at will, but I will not use publication to promote my
career, because I am a teacher.

Other Lecturers and Senior Lecturers, Adjunct Lecturers,
and other teaching faculty may follow suit, or not, as
you wish. "It's a free country."

I work for Religious Studies, and have faithfully kept,
and will continue to keep, my contract with that Program,
and my obligations to the community built around it.

Please support better job security and a tenure option
for college teaching. All hard-working teachers are
entitled to respect, decent pay and workng conditions,
and job security. We also have the right to free
association, free speech, and collective bargaining.

Please support cooperative, non-hierarchical models
of education. Let's get rid of the academic "star system."
Let's have equal pay for equal work, and fairer deals
for everyone!


Ongoing Research

°Translation and study of Nala's Pakadarpana, a Sanskrit culinary text.

°Article on the placement of images in Kalpa Sutra illustrated manuscripts.

°Article on the miracle system of the Svetambara Jains.

°Sourcebook and introduction to Jainism.

°Comparative study of miracles, anomalies, and religious authority in Hindu/Jaina and Christian/Pagan traditions.

°Study of Jaina Krishna mythology.

°Study of transnational culture, and transformations in American culture and civilization.



° Articles on:
° "Kalpa Sutra,"
° "Karma,"
° "Purana"
° "Dohada (Pregnancy Craving)," in:
South Asian Folklore: An Encyclopedia
[Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka]

Mills, Margaret; Claus, Peter; and Diamond, Sarah, eds. 2003. New York: Routledge

°"Dohada (Pregnancy Craving)" republished in:
Indian Folklife, published by the National Folklore Support Centre,
Chennai [Madras], India.

° "Hero of Wonders, Hero in Deeds: Vasudeva Krishna in Jaina Cosmohistory," under review for inclusion in Alternative Krishnas, under review by SUNY Press.

°Articles on:
° "Acharya Bhiksu,"
°"Acharya Tulsi,"
°"Kanji Swami,"
°"Shrimad Rajcandra," in:
Holy People of the World: An Encyclopedia (Three Volumes)
Jestice, Phyllis G., ed. Forthcoming, Autumn 2004. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO.

°Review of Jaina System of Education,
Dasgupta, Debendra Chandra, 1999 (repr). Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass;
forthcoming in
International Journal of Hindu Studies.

°Several articles in the Oxford Dictionary of World Religions, Bowker, John, ed. Oxford University Press, 1997.

°Review notice of Helmuth von Glasenapp's Doctrine of Karman in Jain Philosophy, Religious Studies Review, Vol. 19, No. 3, July 1993, pp. 280-281.

°Master's Theses on South Asia at the University of Pennsylvania, 1926-1987, with Kanta Bhatia, University of Pennsylvania South Asia Regional Studies Occasional Papers Series, 1992.


Presentations, Conference Papers, Workshops

°Co-organizer of the Sophia / ATMA Symposium on "Religion in Medicine," Washington University, March 24-25, 2003.

°Presented "Karma and Theodicy: The Problem of Evil in Indian Thought," Southern Illinois University-Edwarsville, sponsored by the SIUE Department of Philosophical Studies, the Minor Program in Religious Studies, and the Philosophy Society, October 2, 2002.

°Presented "Jaina Natalism and the Mythology of Maternal / Fetal Bonding," American Oriental Society Meeting, Houston, Texas, 2002.

°Presented "Who Are the Jains," St. Louis Unitarian Church, May 2001.

°Presented "Primal and Final Omniscience in Jaina Tradition" at the Eastern Regional conference of the American Philosophical Society and Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy, New York, 2000.

°Presented "Knowledge, Superknowledge, and Omniscience: Fetal Divinization and its Control" at the American Oriental Society Meeting, Portland, Oregon, 2000.

°Presented "The Birth Bath (Janmabhisheka) in Jain Myth and Ritual" at the 1999 conference of JAINA (the Federation of Jain Associations in North America), Philadelphia.

°Presented "Embryo Transfer and Infant Exchange: The Religious Significance of a Motif of Folklore" at the Eastern International Region American Academy of Religion convention, Geneva, New York, 1999.

°Presented "The Origin of the Harivamsa Lineage" at the American Oriental Society Meeting, Baltimore, 1999.

°Presented "Karma and Pregnancy Craving (Dohada)" at the Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies Convention, University of Delaware, 1998.

°Co-Chaired a panel on Asian and Asian American related student organizations, Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies Convention, University of Delaware, 1998.

°Attended the American Committee on South Asian Manuscripts Workshop on Paleography and Codicology at Columbia University, led by Professor David Pingree, Summer 1998.

°Presented "Beyond Curry" in the Hill College House lecture series, University of Pennsylvania, Spring 1997.

°Presented "Ascaryas and Miracles in the Svetambara Jaina Tradition" at the American Oriental Society Meeting, Philadelphia, 1995.

°Presented "Mahavira's Embryo Transfer: A New Look at a Svetambara Jaina Miracle Story," at the American Oriental Society Meeting, Madison, 1994, and again at the American Academy of Religion convention, Chicago, 1994.

°Presented "Mahavira's Embryo Transfer: Interpreting a Svetambara Miracle," at the Mid-Atlantic Region, Association for Asian Studies convention, Lehigh, PA, 1987.

°Presented "Mythologies of Civilization," at the Person, Culture and Religion section of the American Academy of Religion convention, Anaheim, California, 1985..