°Ph.D., earned "With Distinction," in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Indic section), May 1998. Dissertation Title: "Karma and Control: The Prodigious and the Auspicious in Ívetambara Jaina Canonical Mythology." Dissertation Committee: Ludo Rocher (Chair), Wilhelm Halbfass, William LaFleur. Passed qualifying exams in Sanskrit, Prakrit, and Pali (1988). Coursework with Ludo Rocher, Wilhelm Halbfass, Ernest Bender, George Cardona.


°M.A. in Religious Studies, 1984.

Major fields:

Master's Project: on spatial and temporal ranking in the work of Eliade, Freud, and Weber. Advisor: Professor Juan Campo.

Coursework on Buddhism, Yoga, Samkhya, Vedanta, Sanskrit, American religion, sociology of religion, post-structuralist literary crticism, American popular culture.


°Graduate Non-Degree study, 1981-82. Coursework in German, Latin, Biblical Hebrew, Spanish. Courses in Biblical criticism, commentary, and narratology with Robert Funk, audited courses on Native American religious traditions with Joseph Epes Brown.


°A.M. in Social Science, 1982, from the Divisional Master's Program in the Social Sciences (Individualized Study), on the theme: "Ideology and Utopia." Master's Thesis: on spatial and temporal ranking in the work of Max Weber. Advisor: Susanne Hoeber Rudolph. Coursework with Edward Shils, Helen Harris Perlman, Jean Comaroff, among others.

Coursework on the sociology of religion, sociology of knowledge, sociology of education, and on the Western Utopian tradition.

°A.B. with general honors, Anthropology, 1981.

Coursework and independent study on cultural anthropology, the social anthropology of civilization, structuralist and formalist literary criticism, mythology and folklore, Chicago urban sociology, the intellectual history of anthropology, comparative non-Western civilization (theory and pedagogy), the history of the College of the University of Chicago civilization core curriculum. Coursework with George Stocking, Bernard Cohn, Marshall Sahlins, Nancy Munn, Wendy Doniger, J. A. B. van Buitenen, Terence Turner, Milton Singer, McKim Marriott, Ronald Inden, Ralph Nicholas, Susanne Rudolph, Richard Taub, among others.